Study in Yogyakarta [WATCH] – A CAUSINDY Review Initiative

Through the CAUSINDY Review, delegates work together under the mentorship of experts to explore issues in the Australia-Indonesia relationship and develop practical and creative solutions.

Across five years of CAUSINDY, there has been a plethora of highly energised delegates and equally impressive projects that positively contribute to the bilateral relationship. In this series, we look at a selection of some of the most exciting CAUSINDY Review initiatives from our delegates that have found success in recent years.

Let’s take a look at one of the CAUSINDY Review group projects from CAUSINDY 2017 conference, held in Melbourne. The promotional video introduces life in Yogyakarta to international students, covering daily life in country, cheap, the challenges involved (including language!) and learning Javanese dance.

Read more about the CAUSINDY Alumni Grant scheme here. CAUSINDY is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Indonesia Institute of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.