Politics Panel

Business and Trade Panel


Confirmed speakers:

  • Ima Abdulrahim, Executive Director, Habibie Centre
  • Ian Wilson, Lecturer & Research Fellow, Murdoch University
  • Uni LubisEditor-in-Chief, IDN Times

Our annual political panel will review the domestic political developments of Australia and Indonesia during the last year, and examine how these have shaped foreign policy. In light of looming national elections, this panel will seek to explore possible directions the bilateral relationship could take in the future. Through candid discussion with political and policy experts, delegates will be encouraged to ask the questions that others aren’t asking.


Confirmed Speakers:

  • Julian Smith, Global Transport and Logistics industry leader, PwC
  • Noke Kiroyan, Chief Consultant and Chairman, Kiroyan Partners
  • Vonnie Opier, Corporate Strategic Head, Kalla Group
  • Uni LubisEditor-in-Chief, IDN Times

With the IA-CEPA finally nearing completion, our expert panel will explore how it can benefit both countries and create sustainable business partnerships to enhance the economic relationship. Which industries do our experts see as having substantial potential for growth and how can the risks be constructively navigated?

Coastal and Environmental Panel

Regional Security Panel


Confirmed Speakers:

  • Jamaluddin Jompa, Professor of Marine Sciences, Universitas Hasanuddin
  • Rili Djohani, Executive Director, Coral Triangle Centre
  • Simon Baldwin, Indonesia Director, SecondMuse

The coastlines and oceans of Indonesia and Australia host much of our population, serve as tourist draw cards and are an important source of sustenance for millions, yet they are also among our most threatened environments. Climate change and coastal inundation threaten communities, while damaged marine ecosystems and rampant overfishing put the food security of millions in doubt. Our panelists will explore the dangers these threats pose to Australia and Indonesia, and the opportunities to remedy these through cooperation and sustainable practices.


Confirmed speakers:

  • Philips Vermonte, Executive Director, CSIS
  • Greg Raymond, Research Fellow, Strategic and Defence Studies Centre ANU
  • Natalie Sambhi, Research Fellow, Perth USAsia Centre

In a session combining academic insights from our experts and opportunities for collaboration, the security session will examine the pressing security challenges facing the region, and the opportunities for Indonesia and Australia to cooperate in responding to these. How is the maritime space important to the national security of each country? And in what ways are non-traditional threats affecting the security of Indonesia and Australia?


CAUSINDY Gala Dinner

Dinner with Mayor of Makassar

The CAUSINDY Gala Dinner brings together speakers, partners, delegates and community leaders on the last night of the conference. With a keynote speech from a senior figure in the bilateral relationship, delegates have an opportunity to wind down and reflect on the conference.

The Office of the Mayor will host CAUSINDY delegates for dinner on their first night in Makassar. Mayor Pak Danny Pomanto, or his representative, will officially welcome CAUSINDY to Makassar before Pak Bernardus Djonoputro shares his thoughts on the Australia-Indonesia bilateral relationship.

Engaging Future Leaders

The Engaging Future Leader (EFL) program invites Indonesian students to engage in a one-day language exchange program with Australian and Indonesian delegates. This program aims to strengthen cross-cultural understanding between Australia and Indonesia.

This year, we will invite students, who are highly motivated to improve their English skills, from high schools in Makassar to participate in the EFL program. We hope that EFL will increase their confidence to use English as their second language and, in doing so, increase their curiosity and knowledge about Australia, in order to build positive and respectful cross-cultural relationships between Australians and Indonesians.

Closing Lunch


To mark the end of the official conference program, delegates will gather with mentors and conference team members for an informal lunch.